>It’s a small world when the world becomes your classroom

>A teacher wants to know what students can do to help themselves improve their English outside of class.

One of the hardest things to do with students who do not live in an English speaking country is to help them practice their spoken English. Thanks to today’s modern technology, this no longer has to be a problem.

Skype is a free “telephone” program with which you can call another person computer to computer. The sound is of such a high quality it rivals a telephone call. Skype is currently the most popular downloaded program in the world. It’s completely free.

Students can call each other or people all over the world to practice their English. There are some businesses which use Skype (search Skype for “hotel” or “services”) which may be more ready to speak, especially to people perceived as potential customers.

Teachers can also have conference calls with students.

Additionally, for about 2 cents a minute Skype users can call normal telephones. This opens up just about every phone in the world. They could spend hours and just a few dollars practicing their English by getting information on ski trips and lodgings, cost of notebook computers and their features, and how the services of a personality consultant can makeover their life.


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