Project 400 – McDonald’s logistics company

McDonald’s sells millions of hamburgers in China. All of that food has to be sent from the companies that make the food to every McDonald’s restaurant. The food has to be kept in a high-quality condition, sometimes kept cold or frozen, and sent to each McDonald’s restaurant when the restaurant needs it. Taking care of that food and moving that food is the job of McDonald’s logistics company called Havi, an international American company operating also in Guangzhou.

The accounting manager and human resources manager explained to me how their American company uses English, what kind of English students need to learn and what kind of English students do not need to learn to work at their company. These managers are also my English students and we meet every week to talk about business innovation and management concepts while improving their English.

Our students may not get jobs at American logistics companies, but this research helps me to have a better understanding of how business English is used in China and how our students may get jobs in American companies.


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