Ready for the iPad? Maybe not

I’m sure many teachers are wondering if they should make the jump into the iPad realm.

Sometimes you just have to try things out. Sometimes the path is not already prepared for you. You have to blaze your own trail trying out the technology and seeing if you can make it work for you in new ways that you never imagined when you set out.

Several years ago I bought a little Acer tablet computer. It was like a notebook but you could twist the screen and use it like a tablet. It cost much more than other notebooks, $2000, but I wanted to see how a tablet could affect my teaching. It didn’t affect it. Of course, tablets today are much improved. But sometimes you just have to try things out.

One problem I have with the i-Stuff is there is so much hype about it all. People are so gaga over it. Of course that should not turn you off to the idea of getting i-Stuff. We just need to consider what our real needs are and see if the technology can fit those needs. Or could that technology lead us down an interesting road. But that is a decision that we should make without the help of Apple’s excellent propaganda department trying everything they can to make us feel uncool for not joining their ranks. Current reports say that the primary use of iPads is for games.

There is a lot of celebration and hype about the millions of app downloads taking place but one thing Apple will never tell you is that 28% of the “apps” people download are only used once. And how many are only used two, three or four times and never used again?

I don’t want to completely dismiss iStuff for teaching. Maybe they’ll have something we really need. Of course, almost everything for the Apple is duplicated for notebooks and vice versa.

Here is a technology that could take our jobs (it’s coming soon to the other phones):


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