Have students check each other’s tests and quizzes?

How to have students check each others’ test without cheating and “helping” a friend? If a student is checking another student’s test or quiz paper, they may be tempted to change a few answers to help a buddy. What is a simple way to control that.

I like the idea of students correcting each others’ tests and quizzes. I think the more time the students spend on the material, thinking about it, studying the questions and answers, the better they will understand it. So if students take a quiz and never see it again until it is handed back by the teacher, it is not as effective as having students correct each others’ papers.

One thing that works for me is to give students a pen with a special color to use when they take the test or quiz. In my case, I give them all a green pen to use but purple or some other odd color would also be good.

Then when you collect the quiz papers, collect the pens also. I then redistribute the papers to the students so that no student gets his own paper.

Let the students use their own pens when correcting another students’ paper.

Teach the students how to give a score to the paper as well.

Before turning in the papers to you, let the students give the papers back to their owners. This allows the student to see and reflect on their errors. It also allows a way to check the scoring. If there are any mistakes made in the correction and scoring, the owner of the paper will be sure to spot it and can ask you about it so you can make sure the score is correct.

Afterwards the students pass in their papers to you and you can enter their scores into your computer or score sheet.

[Photo: Dave’s students in China taking a quick 9-question quiz using green pens.]


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