7 Secrets of Great Teachers

Recently I gave a lecture for Cambridge University ESOL and Higher Education Press at a conference attended by 150 teachers. I told them the 7 Secrets of Great Teachers.

1. Seeing. Don’t always focus but always see. Sometimes we get so busy that we miss what is important. See this video

2. Action. Great teachers use minimal action to achieve maximum result. Sun Tzu and Bruce Lee examples.

3. Independent. Be on guard against the power of conformity. See this video

4. Creative. Capable of outside the box thinking. Can you solve the problem below?

5. Limit. Know your students’ limitations and your limitations. See this video

6. Target. Teach what will be used. The story of Lisa and the year of lost words.

7. Quadrant Two. Live and work in the zone where you can calmly do important non-urgent things and reflect on what you do. See below.

Puzzle: Draw 4 continuous straight lines (without lifting your pen) to connect all the dots.

.     .     .

.     .     .

.     .     .

Quadrant Two:

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