Creating the beginning of an online course

I believe I made some mistakes in my earlier attempts at online training by not starting off seductive enough.

In my face-to-face training, I usually begin in a friendly way and tell some funny stories about myself. I know that the students are often nervous about what the course is going to be like.

But in the past I was not very successful in considering how to start the course off, how to hook the students into the course. Through my research on the Internet, I haven’t found anyone address this subject about how to ease and attract students into an online course but I think it is something that can make or break a course.

Currently, there are five lessons per week in my course but for the very first week there are four things for the student to do, only two of them lessons:

1. Register at the website.
2. Write a short introduction of themselves and upload a photo and reply to two other students’ introductions.
3. Do an online lesson that we actually also did face-to-face in class. Because we have already done this lesson and I demonstrated online how to do it, they already know the answers, they just need to do it again by themselves online.
4. Do one lesson we have not already done together.

The idea is to ease the student into the online nature of the course, make it easy and pleasant, associate good feelings about this way of training.


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